Customized 10 ton bridge crane for Pakistan steel coil factory

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Project background
A well-known steel coil factory in Pakistan has seen an increasing demand for material handling equipment as its production scale continues to expand. In order to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure job safety, the steel coil factory has decided to introduce an efficient and stable bridge crane. After in-depth market research and comparison, we ultimately chose the bridge crane solution to cooperate with.

Requirement analysis
The main production process of a steel coil factory includes steelmaking, rolling, coiling, and finished product stacking, each of which requires lifting and handling of the steel coils. Therefore, the selected crane needs to meet the following requirements:

Strong load-bearing capacity: The steel coil weighs a lot, and the crane needs to have sufficient load-bearing capacity to ensure safety and stability during the lifting process.
Efficient and flexible: Cranes need to have fast and accurate positioning capabilities to adapt to lifting needs at different positions and heights.
Good stability: The crane should maintain stability during operation, avoid shaking or tilting, and ensure safety during lifting.
Convenient maintenance: The crane structure should be designed reasonably to facilitate daily maintenance and upkeep, reduce failure rates, and improve equipment service life.
We have tailored a double beam bridge crane to meet the needs of the steel coil factory. This crane has the following characteristics:

High load-bearing capacity: The main and end beams made of high-quality steel and advanced technology ensure that the crane has strong load-bearing capacity, meeting the lifting needs of steel coil factories for large steel coils.
Efficient and flexible: equipped with advanced electrical control systems and precise positioning devices, achieving fast and accurate positioning of cranes and improving operational efficiency.
Strong stability: By optimizing structural design, enhancing the stability of the crane, reducing shaking and tilting phenomena, and ensuring safety during lifting.
Convenient maintenance: The crane adopts a modular design, making it easy to disassemble and replace components, reducing maintenance costs and time.
Implementation effect
The double beam bridge crane has achieved significant results after being put into use in the steel coil factory:

Significant improvement in production efficiency: The efficient and flexible characteristics of cranes make the lifting process of steel coils faster and more accurate, greatly shortening the production cycle and improving production efficiency.
Labor cost reduction: The automation level of cranes is relatively high, reducing manual participation, lowering labor costs, and also reducing the labor intensity of workers.
Security guaranteed: The strong load-bearing capacity and stability of the crane ensure safety during the lifting process, effectively avoiding potential safety hazards.
Easy equipment maintenance: The modular design of the crane makes maintenance and upkeep easier, reduces failure rates, and extends the service life of the equipment.
The double beam bridge crane specially designed for the steel coil plant in Pakistan not only meets the actual needs of the plant, but also brings significant economic benefits and safety guarantees. We will continue to adhere to the principle of “customer first, quality first” and provide high-quality crane products and services to more customers.

10 ton overhead crane
10 ton double beam bridge crane parameters
Basic parameters
Lifting capacity: 10 tons
Span: 22.5 meters
Lifting height: 18 meters (customizable according to needs)
Main beam parameters
Main beam form: double beam box structure
Main beam material: high-strength high-quality steel
Width of upper flange of main beam: 600mm
Running speed
Lifting speed: 8 meters/minute (adjustable speed)
Car running speed: 40 meters/minute (adjustable speed)
Crane running speed: 20 meters/minute (adjustable speed)
Electrical system
Power supply method: three-phase AC power
Control system: PLC programmable controller
Operation mode: ground control+remote control operation
Safety protection devices
Overload protection: equipped with overload protection function
Lifting height limiter: Ensure that the lifting does not exceed the safe height
Car travel limiter: prevents the car from exceeding the track range
Emergency stop button: can quickly stop the crane operation in emergency situations
Other parameters
Work level: A5
Anti corrosion treatment: Spray anti rust paint on the surface to enhance anti-corrosion performance
Working environment temperature: -20 ℃~+40 ℃
Customized 10 ton bridge crane for Pakistan steel coil factory