Cube Connect is a fun 3D dot-connecting game

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Cube Connect is a fun 3D dot-connecting game
« on: March 06, 2024, 09:20:20 AM »
Cube Connect is an interesting point-to-point game with cubes, many game modes and many challenges waiting for you to explore. Cube Connect is a simple, addictive puzzle game in 3D that will truly satisfy you.
Connect matching colors so the pipes don't overlap!
Featured :
Over 1,200 free puzzles
Test your skills with "challenge" mode and connect the pipes as fast as you can
Simple, colorful design
How to play:
To play the game, you will click on the starting point, hold and drag a line to the end point to connect them together. If playing on a touch device, just use your finger to draw the line you want to create.
Cube Connect brings you seven game modes, including Starter, Easy, Medium, Hard, Master, Tricky and Random. Each game mode has different difficulties and requirements.
Initially, there was just a 3x3 cube with a few simple dots. Your goal is to connect those dots so that the seams don't overlap. On the other hand, the difficulty of Cube Connect is that, besides connecting the points together, you also have to go through all the cells on the cube. The game calculates the number of connections. If the number of connections is equal to the exact color of the dots on the block, you will get 3 stars. If it is more, you will get 2 stars or 1 star, depending on the number of connections.
The higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes as the number of squares increases, the number of dots increases and the way to connect the cells also becomes more complicated. Especially, you have to play in a 3D graphics environment on a cube instead of a flat surface,.
The number of levels in Cube Connect can really shock you when each game mode has hundreds of doors. But luckily, you can play leapfrog. That means there is no need to play sequentially; you can choose any level in any mode to play if you are interested.
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