Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist,Higher Lifting, Lower Hoisting Cost

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Product Type:   
Lifting Capacity:   0.5-32 ton
Lifting Height:   3-30 m
Working Class:   M3,M4
Ambient Temperature:   -20℃~+40℃

Low headroom hoist
The headroom refers to the base of the hook to the part of the beam/track where the hoist attaches. The low headroom wire rope hoist design minimizes beam-to-hook distance to create additional work space.

Pillar Jib crane

Double girder gantry crane
Applications of low profile hoist
Electric wire rope hoist works as a material lifting equipment in all walks of life, but its application was restricted in some limited circumstances. For example, the constructed working space in some workplace is low, thus leading to the ordinary lifting equipment can not be used normally, but to build a new workplace will cost a lot, which is not cost efficiency. This plight gives rise to the appearance of the low headroom electric wire rope hoist, which is better than ordinary electric wire rope hoist in its maximum use of space and effective performance in lower space. Apart from using in buildings with low ceilings, it is also ideal where considerable lifting heights are necessary.

The wire rope low headroom hoist can be widely used to lift heavy objects, or installed on the straight or curve I-steel beam of Single Girder Overhead Cranes. They can also be used together with gantry crane and slewing jib cranes.

Wire rope low headroom hoists are widely used in factory, plant workshop, warehouse, store, in places such as logistic, dock, port , freight yard and also can be used in construction building, mine, etc.

Low headroom wire rope hoist is transformed from CD and MD type wire rope hoist. It is of compact structure, single and double speed, high effective lifting stroke, stable operation and a wide range of application, especially in makeshift factory building where it is necessary to lower the electric hoist body to complete the lifting operation. The low headroom electric wire rope hoist can improve the height of stroke effectively, reduce the height of constructions and reduce the cost of construction.

Yuantai low headroom hoist is mainly designed for the factory whose height is limited. With its delicate design structure, excellent performance and outstanding appearance, Yuantai low headroom hoist is more suitable for many workplace to transfer many kinds of materials, such as machining, assembling and warehouse.

Specifications of low headroom hoist
Type: CDL
Capacity of Low Headroom Wire Rope Hoist: 0.5-32ton
Lifting Height: 3-30m
Low headroom hoist lifting speed: 0.3 ~ 8 m/min; 0.3/3 m/min, 0.7/7 m/min or customized
Working Class: M3~M4
Ambient Temperature: -20℃~+40℃
Ambient  Humidity: ≤85%
Ambient  Altitude: below 1000m
Ambient  Power: 3-phase 380v 50HZ
Motor protection class: IP44, IP55
Customized Hoist: It is for customized design and manufacture according to requirements.

Applications of low headroom hoist
Pillar Jib craneUsage of low headroom hoist
Double girder gantry craneUsage of low headroom hoist

Components of low profile hoist
Low headroom electric wire rope hoist includes guide rail, traveling mechanism and lifting mechanism.

Guide rail is driving by adopting I-beam or channel steal.

Lifting mechanism consists of electric hoist, hook, and wire rope. One end of the wire hope is wound on the drum of the electric hoist, passing through the pulley on the hook, and the other end is fixed on the travelling mechanism.

Traveling mechanism is composed of motorized trolley, motor, reducer, and wheels. The input end of the reducer is connected with the motorís output shaft, while the output end with wheels. The reducer is fixed on electric trolley which is made from wall panels, connecting shaft and adjusting bolt. The wall panels section is of frame structure. The connecting shaft is connected to the two wall panels and lies in the lower end of them. The adjusting bolt is connected with the two wall panels and above the connecting shaft. The wheels of electric trolley is installed on the guide rail, lifting mechanism on the traveling mechanism.

low headroom wire rope hoist
Aimed at different work condition, we mainly design the low headroom chain hoist and wire rope low headroom hoist design for sale. Usually, the wire rope low headroom hoist and trolley machines have bigger lifting capacity than low headroom electric chain hoists system. While the low headroom chain hoist enjoys smaller volume than wire rope clean room hoist when lifts the same weights. In some degree, we can say that the low headroom electric chain hoists are more suitable for lifting the goods below 5 ton, while the wire rope low headroom hoist and trolley is fit for these objects over 5 ton.

In a word, when use in some heavy-duty industrial application, like harbor, mining, construction sites and power station, the wire rope clean room hoists are the first choice, while use in the small-light industrial, just like the processing company and logistic, the low headroom chain hoist may be the best choice. However, this is not absolute, we can also offer you custom designed low headroom wire rope hoist for your particular demand, just send us your requirement if you need it.

Features of low profile hoist
Low profile hoist adopts excellent and advanced triangle transmission technology.
Made of high quality alloy steel, lifting reducer can meet the demands of three-stage reduction, stable operation, long service life and reliable performance, avoiding many shortcomings of CD type hoist such as the immediate shaft long distance transmission.

The motor of low headroom wire rope hoist has excellent comprehensive performance.
The motor is a specially designed new type of self-cooling cone motor and the motor shell is made of aluminum alloy material with good heat dissipation performance. The insulation grade of the motor is F grade, and the protection grade is IP54, which is one level higher than ordinary motors.

According to userís requirements, many devices of low headroom wire rope hoist can be customized.
Such as the choice of three-speed that includes single speed, double speed-the normal travelling speed: 20m/min (dual speed 20/6 is optional), and variable speed; the wire rope/wireless remote control, cabin control or ground control; overload protection, motor overheating protection and other functions.

Exquisite structure, beautiful appearance, with a lot of unique innovation.
The motor and gearbox are installed at the same side, help the hoist run smoothly and increase its service life. The low headroom wire rope hoist electrics cubicle includes low voltage transformer. Push button box of the low headroom wire rope hoist is equipped with emergency button. Rope guide can be used in aggressive environment. Hook is of safety latch.

Advantages of low profile hoist
Create additional working space over assembly bays to accommodate taller equipment designs.
Low headroom hoist holds the best headroom that can lift more 200-500mm than common CD/MD type electric wire rope hoists.
The whole structure of low profile hoist is easy to disassemble, install, repair and maintenance, good maintainability.
Low profile hoist has excellent performance and is of reliability and safety.
Low headroom hoist can save new construction cost for you, and brings you more benefits.
Low profile hoist has smooth and silent operation.