Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Motorized Trolley

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Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Motorized Trolley
« on: June 30, 2022, 08:41:08 AM »
Product Type:   Motorized Travelling Wire Rope
Lifting Capacity:   0.5-63ton
Span:   -
Lifting Height:   1-100m
Working Class:   M3, M4
Ambient Temperature:   -25℃~+40℃

Stationary hoist and traveling hoist
Wire rope electric hoist in the structure can be divided into traveling hoist and stationary hoist. This type of structure is suitable for a variety of electric hoist, includingCD1, MD1 and other electric hoist.

Stationary hoist, alone from the literal understanding we can know it is fixed in a lifting point where it can not move freely. So it is, stationary hoist can only be lifted up and down, can not move forward or backward around the I-beam.

While the traveling hoist adds an manual or electric trolley on the basis of the fixed hoist. Traveling hoist can not only be lifted up and down , but also can realize the objective that moves forward and backward around the I-beam.

In fact, the most distinguished difference between fixed hoist and traveling hoist is the addition of trolley. For users who only need hoist moving up and down, fixed hoist can be your choice. Whereas for users who also need hoist moving forward and backward, traveling hoist is your choice.

Motorized travelling trolley electric wire rope hoist for single girder craneMotorized travelling trolley electric wire rope hoist for single girder crane
Electric cable hoist fixed on the double girder trolley for double girder cranesElectric cable hoist fixed on the double girder trolley for double girder cranes
Specification of electric wire rope hoist with travelling trolley
Capacity of Electric Wire Rope Hoist: 0.5-63ton
Lifting Height: 1-100m
Working Class: M3~M4
Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
Ambient Altitude: below 1000m
Ambient Power: 3-phase 380v 50HZ(which can be customized according to customer's requirements)
Customized Hoist: It can be designed and manufactured according to requirements.
Traveling hoist
Compared with fixed hoist, traveling hoist increase an trolley. Traveling hoist has a variety of models, mainly lies in the difference between trolleys-manual trolley, motorized trolley, etc. Traveling hoist can be selected according to the application scene of the track driving situation. In addition to different trolleys, the traveling hoist mainly has CD1, MD1, explosion-proof, low clearance, monorail, double track type. It is suitable for manufacturing industry, chemical industry, metallurgical mining, construction engineering, warehouse workshop, military industry, power station and so on. It can handle most light and medium lifting tasks.

What is a trolley?
Trolley is the mechanism that moves the hoist along the bridge girder of a crane. With trolley the hoist is moved horizontally along the top or underside of the bridge girder to position it above a load. Traveling hoist has an integral trolley as part of the hoist frame, that allows travel motion on the lower flange of a monorail beam, or the lower flange of the bridge beam of an overhead crane.

Usually all bolts on trolley are fixed by double nuts, which is still easy to loose during the operation and a safety accident occurs. But Yuantai adopt the slot nuts which ensure that the nut isl not loose during operation to prevent dangerous accidents.Bolts are more durable.

A beam trolley is a device mounted on an I-beam through which heavy loads can be transported. They are designed for heavy use and heavy industrial applications and can be used on straight or curved tracks. We usually have two kinds of trolley: manual and electric. For correct use, the I-beam should be accurately measured to determine the correct cart of the I-beam. Three main measurements are usually required: beam height, flange width, and strut width.

Cranes & Hoists Supplier: Cost-Effective Lifting Solution in Industry
manual trolley
motorized trolley for electric wire rope hoistmotorized trolley
double beam electric wire rope hoist  trolleydouble beam electric wire rope hoist  trolley
 Exploison proof hoist travelling trolley  Exploison proof hoist travelling trolley
Electric cable hoist with trolley
Electric cable hoist with trolley can be installed in a variety of forms of crane (single beam crane, cantilever crane, gantry crane, simple gantry frame) or hanging on the I-beam, linear or curve rail reciprocating lifting heavy objects.

Electric wire rope hoist with trolley has traveling mechanism more than fixed hoist as shown below:
Travelling mechanism of electric wire rope hoist with trolley
Consist of motorized trolley, travelling reducer, travelling motor, driven trolley, etc. The mechanism do reciprocating motion through main engine driven by side plate and drum.
The wheel tread is straight when used with box type girder or H beam, is circular arc when used with I-beam.
Its travelling speed is 20m/min, but 30m/min is possible; if 1~5t capacity with 12m or higher lifting height, a driven trolley is necessary.

Traveling motor of electric cable hoist with trolley
Use tapered rotor of three-phase asynchronous braking motors.
Stable starting,safe braking, can be used with reducer.
B grade or F grade of insulation, closed structure, motor protection grade is IP44 or IP54.

Advantages of electric wire rope hoist with trolley
Electric wire rope electric hoist with trolley has compact structure, small size, fast speed, low noise, safe and reliable, parts universal degree, strong interchangeability, single heavy lifting capacity, convenient maintenance, saving the space of the factory site.
Electric cable hoist with trolley can be installed in a variety of forms of crane (single beam crane cantilever crane gantry crane simple gantry frame) or hanging in the I-beam, straight or curve rail reciprocating lifting heavy loads.
Using anti-rope reel cover, the inner drum is made of seamless steel tube, light weight. Coil casing made from superior cast iron, high intensity. The pressure plate and bolt are fastened to the end of the steel wire rope to prevent the steel wire rope from winding into the gearbox and the motor to ensure smooth lifting.
The drum is the central part of the electric cable hoist with trolley. It connects with travelling mechanism above through balance beam, with reducer and motor both sides, and with wire rope and hook below. Installed limited guide bar equipment to the up front of the outer cover.
Are you looking for an electric wire rope hoist? Or any questions are there? Just contact us and we will find the answer for you. Yuantai has high qualified electric wire rope hoist with trolley, which can carry great benefit for you. Come on!



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Re: Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Motorized Trolley
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