Pulp and paper industry

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Pulp and paper industry
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The pulp and paper industry is one of the important industries in the national economy, and it is also an important raw material and processing industry in the papermaking industry. The efficiency of the pulp and paper industry directly affects the production and economic efficiency of the papermaking industry. Dongqi Crane has been committed to providing lifting equipment and solutions for the pulp and paper industry, and has been recognized and trusted by many customers. We have designed and produced lifting equipment that meets the needs of the pulp and paper industry, such as lifting hooks, lifting chains, lifting motors, etc., which have been widely used in pulp and paper production lines. At the same time, we have also provided customers with professional technical support and services to help them solve various lifting problems and improve production efficiency. We believe that through our continuous efforts, we can better serve the pulp and paper industry, and contribute to its development.

Crane Equipment for Pulp and Paper Industry
Gantry crane: A gantry crane handles the unloading and storing of logs at a pulp mill as well as the feeding of this material into the mill. The wood must be prepared for processing through sorting according to specifications on species, cleanliness and dimensions; organizing so that the mill can maintain a constant feed rate; and collecting reject material for disposal. If the raw logs or pieces of wood are not yet ready for pulping, the mill may also have to convert it into material suitable for pulping in processes such as debarking, sawing, chipping, and screening.

Parent roll handling cranes: A parent roll handling crane, also known as a dry end crane or winder crane, lifts the rolls of paper produced in a paper mill from the winding station. First, the paper needs to be dried, then passed through calenders to form its thickness, after which it is put on a storage rack, or placed on a transfer car for delivery to another part of the plant for coating or cutting. The empty spool shafts go back to the paper machine winderís storage rails. Typically, there are one or two roll changes per hour.

Workshop cranes: Workshop cranes play crucial role in a modern pulp and paper plant, where it supports the main processes in both the mechanical workshop and the roll grinding workshop, as well as parts storage, loading and unloading materials and workstation management.

A jib crane with a electric chain hoist is a versatile piece of lifting equipment. It supports overhead cranes on production lines and keeps workstations running. Dongqi jib cranes are suitable for almost any kind of workstation, supports overhead cranes on production lines, storage areas and loading bays.

Auxiliary handling: An auxiliary crane is a crane used in a paper manufacturing plant to support raw material handling and help with maintenance tasks. Basically, it is a spare crane that can replace the main lifting equipment in case of unexpected downtime, or it can assist in repairs or service, minimizing any delays to production.

Application of European crane in paper mill
Expertise for Pulp and Paper Industry
As a crane manufacturer from China, we know that paper mills have always had strict requirements for cranes. For example, due to the humid working environment, anti-corrosion is the most basic for cranes. Require.

The paper industry is generally one of the main industries using our European crane technology. From the accurate placement of paper machine drums to the fully automated storage of paper rolls, Dongqi can provide each customer with a tailor-made solution.

We have extensive industry expertise as many of our equipment are already used in paper and processing companies around the world.

3D pulp paper layout with factory
Customer Reference Stories
A French company that produces different types of cardboard for various industries had previously requested Dongqi to install an aluminum gantry crane for corrective maintenance of the facility.

Dongqi Crane recommends installing a 360 degree rotary electric jib crane that can handle loads of up to 1.6 tons, including a weight of 100 kilograms of lifting equipment beams.

The company now uses forklifts to transport the bags to the jib crane, and then hangs the lifting beam on the four handles of the bags. The electric lifting arm of the rotary arm crane lifts the bag, rotates it 180 degrees, and then puts the bag into the hopper.

The project must consider insufficient facility space, and the jib crane must pass under a 5m high crane, with a total installation height requirement not exceeding 4.73m. The reason for choosing an electric wire rope hoist suitable for loads ranging from 500 kilograms to 5 tons is because it requires minimal space and minimizes the loss of clearance under the hook. The lifting motor has two mechanical variable speeds, one two speed travel motor, and a fully sealed reduction gear, providing precise and quiet movement.

Pulp and paper industry



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