LD type 10 ton single beam overhead crane sold to the Philippines in 2023

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LD type overhead crane procurement parameters
Order time: 2023.7.19
Lifting capacity: 10 ton
Lifting height: 7 meters
Span: 8 meters
Working voltage: 440v/60hz/3p
Order content: LD type 10 ton overhead crane
Exporting country: Philippines
This is an order for overhead cranes from the Philippines in 2023. This is the second time the customer has purchased a crane product from our company. This LD type overhead crane has a maximum lifting weight of 10 tons, a lifting height of 7 meters, and a span of 8 meters. If you need to inquire about the price of an overhead crane, you need to provide these necessary parameters. This order will start production at the factory on July 20th and be completed on August 9th. We sent the debugging video to the customer on August 18th and shipped the product to the Philippines on August 24th. The atlas shows some details of the production process of this overhead crane in the factory. If you would like to learn more about the overhead crane and the latest price of 10 tons of overhead crane, please contact us.

Brief Introduction of LD Electric Single Girder Bridge Crane
LD electric single-girder bridge crane is a lifting machine with simple structure and wide application. The whole machine is used together with CD₁ and MD₁ electric hoists. There are ground (wired and wireless) and control room control modes for the crane, which can be selected by users.

Lifting capacity: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32 tons (can be customized according to actual requirements)
Span: 7.5m-34.5m (can be customized according to actual requirements)
Lifting height: can be customized according to actual requirements
The working level is A3~A5
Working environment temperature -25C~40C
It is mostly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly workshops and warehouses. If it is equipped with a motor grab as a spreader, it can load, unload and carry bulk items. It is not suitable to work in the environment with explosion hazard and fire hazard, nor in the place with high humidity or full of acid and alkali gas, nor can it be used to transport molten metal, toxic materials and flammable and explosive materials.

Structural advantages
The main girder of this machine is a box-shaped and I-shaped steel welded structure, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance and small size on the basis of ensuring strength, rigidity and stability. The main and end beams are connected by a split structure, which is convenient for transportation and installation. This product has two manipulation forms: ground and control room. There are two types of control room: open type and closed type, and the entry direction has two types: side and end, for users to choose according to different requirements.

LD type 10 ton single beam overhead crane sold to the Philippines in 2023



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