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tips recommendation
« on: September 07, 2023, 08:59:04 AM »
Ludo King is a modern version of the classic game Pachisi, the game follows the traditional rules and has become a top free Mobile game on the charts, it is often played between friends and family. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when playing Ludo King if you want to become a master.

Here are some Ludo King game tricks, if you strategize your game properly you can win almost any game.

1. Summon All Pieces Carefully

All pieces should be summoned as soon as you have the chance, if you focus only on one or two of the pieces on the table you will have less options leading to being destroyed, not going... one some other serious problems, so summon them all.

2. Don't Move Only One Piece

It is not recommended to only take a single piece at all times, the time and number of steps should be divided among all pieces. Instead, getaway shootout you move all the pieces on different positions so that they are in the most favorable place, able to destroy the opponent when they just leave the cage.

3. Kill The Opponent As Fast As Possible

For Ludo King, getting all the pieces on the board is very important, but killing the opponent is equally important, if you focus on moving without intending to destroy them, it is very possible. you will become delicious bait. So make the most of taking down your opponent's pieces when you have the opportunity.

4. Try to Change Throw Time

No one can claim to have understood the game Ludo King's algorithm but trying to change the time of throwing the dice is possible. If you have played fast 4-5 times then take the time to roll the dice on the next opportunity and vice versa.

5. Decide Your Playstyle

If there are two choices between winning and destroying the opponent, you should decide this before the game starts as to how you want to do them. If you decide to attack aggressively, you must destroy the opponent. If not, you should play a safe game and think every way to win.

What do you think of these 5 tips to keep in mind while playing Ludo King, please let us know in the comments in the comments section below for more quality content like this. Have fun playing the game.



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Re: tips recommendation
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Re: tips recommendation
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