QDX 10-ton overhead crane and accessories sold to Bangladesh in 2022

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QDX double girder overhead crane procurement parameters
Order time: 2022.1.17
Lifting capacity: 10 ton
Lifting height: 10m
Span: 10.3m
Working voltage: 415v/50hz/3p
Order content: QDX 10 ton double girder overhead crane + Electronic hanging scale 10t/25t
Exporting country: Bangladesh
This is the order of overhead crane from Bangladesh in 2022. The customer purchased one QDX 10-ton overhead crane, one 10-ton electronic hanging scale and one 20-ton electronic hanging scale from our crane factory. The order was placed at the factory on January 17, and we sent the product to Bangladesh on March 9, which took one month and 23 days. This is the customer’s third purchase of crane products from our company. The atlas shows some details of components of QDX overhead crane in the factory. If you want to know more about QDX overhead crane and the latest price of 10 tons overhead crane, please contact us.

Introduction to QDX European Hook Bridge Crane
QDX European hook bridge crane is a new type of crane with lightweight, universal, energy-saving, environment-friendly, maintenance-free and high technology content, which is based on the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology, guided by modular design theory, modern computer technology, and the introduction of optimization design and reliability design methods.

The design, manufacture and inspection of the crane are in accordance with the latest national standards. Some foreign standards such as FEM, DIN and IEC are equivalent. Compared with the original general QD bridge crane products, the dead weight is reduced by about 15~30% and the maximum wheel pressure is reduced by about 10~35%, which can reduce the crane’s requirements on the plant structure and save the manufacturing cost of the plant. The reducer, the core component of the transmission mechanism, is all made of hard tooth surface and high-precision gear pair. With the application of steel drum, forged wheel and variable frequency speed control system, this type of crane has become a replacement of the traditional general bridge crane, which is applicable to machinery manufacturing, assembly, petrochemical, warehousing and logistics, electric power construction, paper making, railway and other industries.

QDX 10-ton overhead crane and accessories sold to Bangladesh in 2022