2021 HD Model 5 Tons Overhead Crane and European Style Wire Rope Hoist Sold to S

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HD overhead crane procurement parameters
Order time: 2021.8.11
Lifting capacity: 5 ton
Lifting height: 6.24 m
Span: 29.924 m
Working voltage: 400v/50hz/3p
Order content: HD 5 ton overhead crane
Exporting country: Sri Lanka
This is an order for overhead cranes to be sold to Sri Lanka in 2021. The customer purchased a set of HD 5-ton overhead crane from our crane factory, and all accessories such as reducer adopt SZW configuration. The order confirmed the span of the crane on September 7 and placed the order at the factory, and the production was completed on October 15, which took 1 month and 8 days. The overhead crane will be used in a plastic and rubber factory in Sri Lanka. The atlas shows some details of the order in the factory. If you want to know more about the overhead crane and the latest price of the overhead crane, please contact us.

HD Overhead Crane Introduction
HD crane is a kind of low headroom crane, usually used in factory workshops with low space height, which can effectively use the space height and increase the lifting height.

The HD electric single-girder crane is independently developed and designed on the basis of introducing advanced European design and manufacturing technology and combining the latest domestic standards such as GB3811-2008 and JB/T1306-2008. The appearance is beautiful, and the driving mechanism adopts KONE three-in-one reducer (hard tooth surface reducer, frequency conversion brake motor), which is completely comparable to similar European products in terms of appearance and technical performance. Its superior performance is reflected in the mature application of modular design, frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic detection and other technologies, and various protection functions such as overload protection, overcurrent protection, and voltage loss protection make the electric single beam more perfect.

HD electric single-girder crane is suitable for working in the environment conditions of working level A3~A5, working environment temperature -25℃~+40℃, relative humidity ≤85% and no flammable, explosive or corrosive medium. The lifting capacity is 1-16 tons, and the span is 7.5-25.5 meters. The crane power supply is three-phase AC with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. The rated voltage is 220V ~ 660V. The upper and lower limits of the allowable voltage fluctuation of the motor are 10%, and the internal voltage loss of the crane is not more than 3%.

2021 HD Model 5 Tons Overhead Crane and European Style Wire Rope Hoist Sold to Sri Lanka