5 New Amazing Themes released for Ludo King- Update-July 2019

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Ludo King has come up with a big update that adds to the fun of playing the game with interesting Ludo boards and interface designs that resemble different attractive settings.

Nature theme-

“Nature” is one of the themes that entwines soothing greenery and the sounds of nature with a Ludo board of pavement blocks that gives a verdant experience while playing Ludo. “Egypt” theme takes you back to the dawn of the oldest civilization with the stone Ludo board in the ancient Egyptian style with their hieroglyphics carved on it for giving players the mystical feel Egypt is known for. Similarly, three more themes have been released namely Disco, Pinball and Cake & Candy that is designed to give specific audio-visual feels of being in the places or enjoying those specific things while playing Ludo.

Egypt Theme-

The themes are to be unlocked by playing missions and are not given through direct access. Players have to start playing missions and respective themes will unlock after crossing the given number of missions for each theme. The next missions will be played on theme unlocked by the previous missions. The themes will be played in the Online Multiplayer Mode only. The newly released themes are namely Nature,
Egypt, Pinball, Disco, and Cake&Candy. Ludo King fans can expect a new joy in playing the game with the new themes that will open a new audio visual-world for them. They can enjoy their favorite themes with interesting pawns and dices and the overall design of the Ludo board.

New Awesome themes Live!!!
- Nature- Experience the joy of Nature theme
- Egypt- Traverse mysterious Egypt
- Cake&Candy- Feel the Cake & Candy delicacies
- Pinball- Experience pinball with Ludo
- Disco - Rock and Roll in an amazing nightlife!
- and many more on the way....

Added support for more languages..
- Arabic
- Italian
- Spanish
- German
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Re: 5 New Amazing Themes released for Ludo King- Update-July 2019
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