10t European-spec Single Girder Overhead Crane for sale to Qatar

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We have completed the installation 3 sets of 10 ton overhead crane in Qatar. This is a European type single girder overhead crane whose main girder adopts box girder structure. The box girder structure is reasonable and has high strength. The crane hoist is firmly combined with the lower wing of the main girder, and the safety hazard is lower than that of traditional cranes. The increase of its lifting height improves the effective working space. Less wheel pressure than traditional cranes, thus reducing rail bearing beams

European type single girder overhead crane parameters
Lifting capacity=10 ton
Lifting height=6.2m
415V 50Hz 3P
Pendant control
Technical information
Item            European type single girder overhead crane
Lifting capacity   t   10
Lifting height   m   6.2
Span   m   22.67
Speed   Cross traveling speed   m/min   2.0-20 (inverter control)
Crane traveling speed   2.0-20 (inverter control)
Lifting speed   0.8/5.0 (dual speed)
Working class     /   FEM2M (ISO M5)
Power supply     V/Hz/Ph   415/50/3
Control voltage   V   36
Cross traveling power   KW   0.96
Crane traveling power   2*0.75
Hoisting power   1.5/9.5
Total power   13.46
Max wheel load   KN   79.6
Total design weight   Kg   2230
Protection class   /   IP54
Insulation grade   /   F
Ambient temperature   /   -10℃~+40℃
Anti-collision system   /   Included
Phase protection relays   /   Included
Limit switch   /   Included
Voltage Low Protect device   /   Included
Emergency stop action   /   Included
Ground fault protection   /   Included
Short-circuit protection   /   Included
Over-heating protection   /   Included
Power-off protection   /   Included
Over-current protection   /   Included
Overload protector   /   Included
Top Quality Buffer   /   Included
Cross Power   /   Festoon Cable
Country of Origin       China
Overhead Crane Finished Installation
10t European-spec Single Girder Overhead Crane hoist10t European-spec Single Girder Overhead Crane

(The above picture is for reference to crane model only)

European-spec Single Girder Overhead Crane has advanced technology and is designed in accordance with international standards: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), ISO (International). It has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight and outstanding structural design, which can effectively save plant space and Investment cost, unique walking structure characteristics, is your best choice.

European-spec Single Girder Overhead Crane is widely used in workshops, warehouses and other material handling occasions in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, civil aviation, electric power, food, paper, building materials, electronics and other industries. It is especially suitable for material handling, precision assembly of large parts and other occasions that require precise positioning, and the working environment temperature is -25-40 ℃.

Overhead Crane Processing
Overhead Crane Processing

Hoist Processing
Hoist Processing

Overhead Crane Package and Delivery
overhead crane Package and Delivery

Product Certifications
Our products have passed CE (ECM) and ISO Certifications, and you can also specify a third-party agency for quality testing. Fees of third-party testing are not included in this offer.

10t European-spec Single Girder Overhead Crane for sale to Qatar