0.5t Wall Mounted Jib Crane with Electric Chain Hoist for sale to Poland

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We installed a 0.5t Wall Mounted Jib Crane in Poland and shipped it from Shanghai port to Gdynia port by sea. Jib crane is a new generation of light hoisting equipment made to adapt to modern production. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric chain hoist, especially suitable for short-distance, frequent use and intensive hoisting operations. Small area, easy to operate and maintain.

Wall Mounted Jib Crane Parameters
Lifting Capacity=0.5 ton
Lifting height=3.2m
Total Arm Length=5m
Pendant control

Our offer includes supply of complete crane& power line.
The foundationbolts of this jib crane are included.
Wall Mounted Jib Crane Technical Specifications
Item 1               Wall Mounted Jib Crane
Lifting capacity   t   0.5
Lifting height   m

Total arm length      5
Valid radius      4.7
Rotation angle      180
Chain diameter   mm   6.1
Speed   Slewing speed   r/min   0.7
    Hoist traveling speed   m/min   11
    Lifting speed      6.8
Working class     /   M3
Power supply     V/Hz/P   380/50/3
Total weight   kg   600
Protection class   /   IP54
Insulation grade   /   F
Ambient temperature   /   -20℃ ~ +40℃
Country of Origin   /   China
Jib Crane Finished Installation
0.5t Wall Mounted Jib Crane

(The above picture is for reference to crane model only)

Wall jib cranes are widely used in mines, workshops, assembly lines, warehouses, docks and other occasions. It has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable, simple, convenient operation, flexible rotation, light weight, flexible load movement, etc. It is an energy-saving lifting equipment.

The wall jib crane (wall crane) consists of a bracket, a slewing device, a jib device and an electric hoist (chain electric hoist). The bracket is fixed on the wall or steel column and can be rotated according to user needs. The rotation part is divided into manual rotation and electric rotation. The electric hoist (electric chain hoist) is installed on the cantilever track and is used for lifting heavy objects.

Gantry Crane Processing
Gantry Crane Processing

Product Certifications
Our products have passed CE (ECM) and ISO Certifications, and you can also specify a third-party agency for quality testing. Fees of third-party testing are not included in this offer.

0.5t Wall Mounted Jib Crane with Electric Chain Hoist for sale to Poland