Customized 350-Ton Overhead Crane For Steel Forging Plant In India

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In response to the needs of a construction engineering company, we were honored to tailor-make a 350-ton overhead crane. This crane not only has strong lifting capacity, but also reaches industry-leading levels in terms of structural design, material selection, and safety performance. We are well aware that construction projects have high requirements for lifting equipment, so we strictly control every link during the manufacturing process to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

As per the customer’s requirements, the bridge cranes will be installed at the company’s steel and heavy forging plant in Hazira, Gujarat, where they will help manufacture heavy-duty turbine shaft turbine generators for nuclear power plants.

Design, manufacturing and installation process of 350-ton bridge crane
Crane suppliers’ manufacturing processes must meet stringent standards for critical nuclear manufacturing applications involving continuous forging, and be tested at maximum safe working loads and overloads at 125% of the crane’s capacity.

Engineers at the crane company said the work helped demonstrate the company’s ability to serve the steel industry.

“We believe in customer satisfaction and innovation, and we are able to achieve this today thanks to our wealth of experience, technical expertise, and the wholehearted contribution of our employees.”

Each 350t crane has a span of 33m and is equipped with a 50t auxiliary hoist, which can share the main hoist’s maximum lifting height of 25m.

Components such as the crane girder and trolley are manufactured as a single piece to eliminate any metal splicing, and other components include mechanical subassemblies, electrical drives and programmable logic controllers.

The overhead crane required a 250 tonne capacity mobile crane to install the 95 to 100 tonne girders at the factory, with full erection of all components taking 10 days to complete.

“We have established a strong presence in the steel mill sector by supplying high-end ladle cranes and steel mill duty cranes to various industry leaders. With this achievement, we have cemented our position as a specialist crane solutions provider to the steel industry .”

Bridge crane for steel forging plant
What can we learn from this
In the process of manufacturing the 350-ton bridge crane for the steel forging factory, Dongqi Crane will undoubtedly accumulate a lot of valuable experience, which is of great significance to the company’s long-term development and technological improvement.

First of all, Dongqi Crane can deepen the understanding of the design concepts and manufacturing technology of large bridge cranes. In the process of manufacturing the 350-ton bridge crane, the company needs to conduct in-depth research on the technical details of the crane’s structural design, material selection, load-bearing capacity, etc. to ensure that the crane can meet the high strength and high reliability requirements of the steel forging project. Through this process, Dongqi Crane can further master the core technology of large bridge cranes and improve its R&D capabilities and market competitiveness.

Secondly, Dongqi Crane can strengthen communication and cooperation with customers. Steel forging factories have specific requirements for crane performance and usage environment. Dongqi Crane needs to conduct in-depth communication with customers to understand their needs and expectations, so as to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. Through close cooperation with customers, Dongqi Crane can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also continuously optimize product design and manufacturing processes to improve product quality and delivery efficiency.

In addition, Dongqi Crane can also learn the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration from the project. Manufacturing a 350-ton bridge crane requires knowledge and skills in multiple professional fields, such as mechanical design, material science, electrical control, etc. Dongqi Crane needs to work closely with multiple departments and partners to jointly solve technical problems and challenges in the project. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, Dongqi Crane can integrate resources from all parties, exert synergy, and improve the overall efficiency and success rate of the project.

Finally, Dongqi Crane can also summarize experiences and lessons from the project and continuously improve its quality management system and after-sales service system. During the manufacturing process, Dongqi Crane needs to strictly control product quality to ensure the safety and stability of the crane; in terms of after-sales service, Dongqi Crane needs to provide customers with timely and professional technical support and maintenance services to ensure the safety and stability of the crane. normal operation and long-term use. By summarizing experience and lessons, Dongqi Crane can continuously improve its service level and customer satisfaction, and establish a good brand image and market reputation.

Customized 350-Ton Overhead Crane For Steel Forging Plant In India