Customized Overhead Crane System For A Food Processing Equipment Factory In Denm

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Dongqi Crane, as a well-known domestic lifting equipment supplier, has long been committed to providing customized bridge crane solutions for factory workshops in many manufacturing industries. Today, we are pleased to share a successful case involving a food processing equipment factory in Denmark.

This Danish food processing equipment factory has won wide recognition from customers around the world for its efficient, precise production technology and strict quality control. However, as their business continues to expand and production scale continues to expand, their requirements for improving production efficiency and handling capabilities are becoming increasingly urgent. Against this background, they decided to find a professional crane supplier to customize a bridge crane system.

Food processing equipment factory customizes longest overhead crane system
The starting point of the project was the equipment factory’s urgent need for efficient and safe production in the new factory. They understand that an excellent crane system can not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also ensure the safety of employees and equipment. Therefore, they decided to customize a bridge crane system that suited their own production characteristics.

The supplier’s professional team first conducted a detailed on-site investigation and demand survey. They learned in detail about the equipment factory’s production process, equipment size, handling requirements, and the factory’s special environment and other factors. Based on this information, the supplier team began work on the design of the crane system.

During the design process, the supplier fully considered the stability, durability and safety of the overhead crane system. They selected high-strength materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the crane rails and lifting machinery. In order to meet the special needs of the equipment factory, the supplier designed a solution containing 18 double-girder crane systems, using a total of 31 push beams, equipped with 32 electric hoists and 450 meters of power lines.

Bridge crane for food processing equipment factory
In addition to basic handling functions, the supplier also designed an advanced crane communication system for the safety needs of the factory. The system uses photoelectric sensors and Bluetooth technology to ensure that each crane knows the position of other cranes in the same gantry in real time, thereby effectively avoiding potential collision risks. When the system detects a potentially dangerous lift, it will immediately send out signals and alarms to remind the operator to make timely adjustments.

After the design was completed, the supplier began fabrication and assembly of the crane. They produce in strict accordance with the design plan to ensure that every component meets quality requirements. At the same time, they also organized a professional installation team to install the crane system to the designated location in the equipment factory.

After the installation was completed, the supplier also conducted rigorous testing and debugging work to ensure that the crane system could operate normally and meet the handling needs of the equipment factory. In addition, the supplier also provided operational training to help equipment factory employees become familiar with the operation and maintenance methods of the crane.

Finally, this customized bridge crane system was successfully delivered to the food processing equipment factory. This system not only improves the factory’s production efficiency, but also greatly reduces operational risks, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the equipment factory.

What can we learn from this
First of all, before the project was implemented, a comprehensive and detailed investigation was conducted on the actual situation of the equipment factory, including the production process, equipment size, handling requirements, and factory environment. This provides an important basis for subsequent crane system design and ensures that the design solution can meet the actual needs of the equipment factory.

Secondly, during the design and manufacturing process of the crane system, safety and stability are paid attention to. By selecting high-strength materials, designing the double-girder crane system and equipping it with advanced communication systems, the stability, reliability and efficient operation of the crane system are ensured. In addition, special attention was paid to the safety protection measures of the crane to effectively avoid potential safety risks.

Strict steps and procedures were followed during the installation and commissioning phases. First, the surrounding environment of the equipment was inspected to ensure safety and good ventilation conditions. Then, the installation of the main part, the connection of pipes and interfaces, power wiring, debugging and inspection are carried out in accordance with the order and procedures. During the installation and commissioning process, special attention was paid to complying with production safety standards and relevant laws and regulations to ensure the safety and quality of operations.

In addition, during the project implementation process, there was close cooperation and communication with suppliers. The two parties jointly solved the problems encountered during the selection, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning processes, ensuring the smooth progress of the project. At the same time, the equipment factory also actively organized employees to participate in training and learning, improving employees’ ability to operate and maintain the crane system.

Finally, after the project implementation was completed, the operating effects of the crane system were evaluated and summarized. Through actual operation data and employee feedback, the performance and effect of the crane system were comprehensively evaluated, providing valuable experience and reference for similar projects in the future.

Customized Overhead Crane System For A Food Processing Equipment Factory In Denmark