Electric Cable Hoist with Stationary Hoist Design

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Electric Cable Hoist with Stationary Hoist Design
« on: June 30, 2022, 08:10:30 AM »
Product Type:   CD/MD Electric Cable Hoist
Lifting Capacity:   1~32 Ton
Span:   -
Lifting Height:   6~50m
Working Class:   M3,M4
Ambient Temperature:   -25~40℃

Electric cable hoists are compact lifting equipment that can be designed as a single or double speed electric wire rope hoist with lifting speeds of 0.8m/m and 8m/m, respectively. For material handling, they can be fixed on a beam or supporting structure for hoisting loads up and down or they can be fixed on double rail trolley as the lifting system of overhead cranes and gantry cranes. The fixed type electric cable hoists are extensively used overhead material handling equipment in factories, mines, railways, ports, and storage facilities, among other places.

The Electric cable hoist has two speed options which coordinate with each other to realize the efficient material handling work with precision. The lifting capacity of Electric cable hoist is 0.5 32 ton and the working class is M3 and M4. The main parameter of Electric cable hoist is as follow:

Hoist type: CD1/MD1 wire rope hoist
Lifting capacity of fixed hoist : 0.5~32 ton
Lifting height of fixed hoist : 6~50m
Lifting speed of fixed hoist : 0.8/8 m/m, 0.7/7 m/m, 0.35/3.5 m/m, etc.
Working class of fixed hoist : M3,M4
Ambient temperature of fixed hoist : -25~40℃
Features of fixed type electric cable hoist
The general features of  electric wire rope fixed hoist is as follows:

The electric fixed hoist adopts a reducer to reduce the speed, with high transmission efficiency, compact structure, omitting the intermediate shaft, and square appearance if required, which is easier to install and fix. It is a convenient place for the electric wire rope fixed hoist.
The electric cable hoist lifting hook has no locking device, which can prevent the rigging from slipping accidentally, and is an important lifting tool.
The electric cable hoist motor has no thermal protection device. When the motor temperature is too high, the device will automatically cut off the circuit to protect the motor from damage.
The electric fixed hoist adopts the cam limit, the limit accuracy is relatively high, and the use is accurate. It is an important hoisting machine in the modernization construction.
The fixed electric hoist is mainly used for various lifting, migration, loading and unloading heavy objects, and welding of oil tanks. It has high safety and reliability, and can choose a load-limiting protection device to avoid various adverse consequences caused by overloading.
The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the electric cable  hoist. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Electric cable hoist can be used for fixed working site for loads hoisting Electric cable hoist can be used for fixed working site for loads hoisting
Electric cable hoist fixed on hoist trolley frame for double girder crane as lifting system which can travel along girder Electric cable hoist fixed on hoist trolley frame for double girder crane as lifting system which can travel along girder
Electric cable hoist used with upper fastening design for up and down movement Electric cable hoist used with upper fastening design for up and down movement
Electric cable hoist can be used as fixed hoist or stationary hoist but also can be equipped with trolley as travelling cable hoist. Electric cable hoist can be used as fixed hoist or stationary hoist but also can be equipped with trolley as travelling cable hoist.
Installation of electric cable stationary hoist
The electric wire rope hoist can be equipped with hoist trolley for travelling hoist, but also can be used at a fixed place for load handling.

The fixed structure ofelectric cable hoist is as follows:

Fixed types of electric cable hoist

Fixed types of electric cable hoist and  the installation of electric rope hoist

According to the customer's requirements, the fixed electric hoist can be divided into four fixed forms A1, A2, A3 and A4 according to the position of the rope outlet and the fixed position. The four types are only different in the configuration of the electric hoist machine itself.

However, during the sales process, we added another type, the fifth type, which is the running type without the running  trolley.The hoist wire rope drum cover is the same as the travelling running wire rope hoist. This fifth type is aimed at customers who are not strict with the installation method and are in a hurry to get the rope hoist.

Compared with the fifth type, A1-A4 not only has a longer construction period, higher ex-factory price, but also has a lower utilization rate. If you want to change the running mode, the fifth type fixed hoist can be directly matched with a travelling trolley, but A1-A4 cannot. However, it should be noted that the fifth type can only replace the A2 type, and other fixed types cannot be replaced.

Four fixed type electric cable hoists are suitable for different use environments.

A1, A2 are commonly adopted whereas the A3, A4 are not so frequently used. A1 type fixed electric cable hoist can be called hanging fixed type, A2 type can be called seat type. Relatively speaking, the A2 is the most solid way of fixing. Because the other three types are bolt load-bearing, and as for A2, the load is supported the beam or platform on which the electric hoist is seated.

 Electric cable hoists for Sale, Large Quantity, Good Hoist Price

 Electric cable hoists for Sale, Large Quantity, Good Hoist Price

Advantages of electric cable hoist with fixed hoist design
So what are the unique advantages of the electric fixed hoist?

1. Small headroom size, make full use of the effective space of the workshop

The electric cable fixed hoist has smaller  "C" section.  Compared with similar products, the lifting height is higher, and the limit distance between the hook and the two sides of the wall is smaller, which can effectively increase the working area.

2. Smooth operation and fast positioning

The fixed electric wire rope hoist uses variable frequency drive to enable the user to precisely position the load during hoisting or running, reduce the sway of the hoist, and increase the safety and comfort in the process of safe operation.

3. Excellent performance

Fixed electric cable hoist using VT electric cable hoist can greatly improve equipment performance and productivity, and also increase safety.

4. Super reliability and security

The wire rope stationary hoist's high-performance motor cooling performance with a 30% power-on continuity rate is 30% higher than that of similar products. The high-performance brake has a safe service life of more than 1 million times. The brake is adjusted for automatic wear, which prolongs the service life of the hoist.

5. Large diameter reel, prolong life and reduce declination

The design of the large-diameter drum of the stationary electric wire rope hoist doubles the life of the wire rope and improves the safety at work. At the same time, the large-diameter reel reduces the declination angle of the hoist and achieves vertical lifting. The hook positioning is accurate, the drift is small, and the use is more convenient.

6. Humanized design

The fixed electric wire rope hoist fully considers the needs of customers from the perspective of performance and use, so that customers can increase safety and comfort in the process of using the fixed electric wire rope hoist. The upper and lower limit switch devices improve the safety during operation; the ergonomically designed hook makes it easy for the operator to grasp, and it is convenient to lift the goods.

Electric Cable Hoist with Stationary Hoist Design



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