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The price of this 10 ton single girder overhead crane is $8000. If you want to purchase this 10 ton single girder overhead crane, you can leave your contact information in the message area. This is a grab overhead crane that works in workshops and can generally be used in workplaces such as Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food&Beverage Factory, Farms, Construction Works, Energy&Mining, etc. Below is a detailed introduction to this overhead crane.

Electric Overhead crane

Our #overhead cranes are the first piece of #machinery that are commissioned in a newly built factory" And we have said this earlier as well, more than once. Cranes are indeed, the first to enter any new factory and are immediately put to task from their first day.

Single girder overhead cranes can range from manual systems for loads of 500kg or less, right up to capacities of over 20 tonnes;

Their excellent crane geometry ensures outstanding travel characteristics and reduces the load on building structures. We offer

single girder travelling cranes with solid girders in two variants:

A .welded box-section design. B. rolled-profile girder.

Single girder cranes are a type of overhead crane that are common in production, engineering and many other workplaces as they cater to practically any lifting application.

As a rule of thumb we tend to specify single girder crane designs for loads under 10 tonnes, anything over this will typically feature a double girder design.

Single girder overhead cranes get their name from the fact that they utilise just one beam, as opposed to two. As such, they are typically designed to carry lighter loads than double girder models.

As with all PAWELL overhead systems, our single girder cranes can span either all or part of a building as required. Electric

powered models are common, but manual options are also available for lighter applications. The use of our Drive System

means each of our single girder cranes offers an excellent operating performance.

Our single girder overhead crane design and manufacturing skills are unmatched, resulting not only in a quality lifting solution tailored to your place of work, but also guaranteeing reliability, a lasting service life and an excellent safety performance.

You also have the choice of controls: besides cable-connected control pendants, or radio controls offers safety, reliability and convenient operation.

The cranes also offer outstanding design geometry, resulting in exceptional travel characteristics.

Our PW series rope hoist, for example, is designed for crane applications. The entire crane installation meets your demands forimproved efficiency.

Steel Box Remote Control 10 Ton Single Girder Shop Grab Bucket Overhead Cranes for sale