1 ton portable gantry crane and electric chain hoist sold to the United States i

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Portable gantry crane procurement parameters
Order time: 2022.1.26
Lifting capacity: 1 ton
Lifting height: 4 meters
Span: 4 meters
Working voltage: 220v/50hz/3p
Order content: 1 ton Portable gantry crane
Exporting country: United States
This is the order of gantry crane sold to the United States in 2022. The customer purchased a 1-ton portable gantry crane from our crane factory, and we matched the portable gantry crane with an electric chain hoist. The order was placed in the factory on February 9 and all production tasks were completed on March 1. We sent our products to the United States on April 13. The customer is engaged in research and development in the field of new energy in the United States. The atlas shows some details of the components of the 1 ton gantry crane in the factory. If you want to know more about the portable gantry crane and the latest price of the 1 ton gantry crane, please contact us.

Advantages of Portable Gantry Cranes
The portable gantry crane itself is a portal structure, and there is no need to build a steel structure in the workshop.
The width and height can be set by yourself, and the steel frame structure design is reasonable, which can bear the weight from 500 to 1000KG.
The transportation and assembly are convenient. The portable gantry crane can be disassembled and divided into several parts, which is easy to transport and can be assembled quickly, reducing installation time and cost.
The utilization rate of the portable gantry crane is high, the operating range is large, and there is no excessive restriction on the use site.
The service life is long, the structure of the equipment itself is stable, the steel material is of high quality, safe and durable, and the failure rate is low.
Strong applicability, used in many material handling places, such as warehouses, mold manufacturing, auto repair plants, mines, construction sites, etc.
Equipped with Vientiane casters, it can be used for mobile operations, and at the same time, it can be moved after lifting heavy objects, which is very convenient, reduces labor force, and improves handling efficiency.
1 ton portable gantry crane and electric chain hoist sold to the United States in 2022