5-ton electric hoist reducer sold to the United Arab Emirates in 2021

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Electric hoist reducer procurement parameters
Order time: 2021.11.2
Order content: 5-ton electric hoist reducer*2
Exporting country: United Arab Emirates
This is the order of gear units sold to the United Arab Emirates in 2021. The customer purchased two sets of 5-ton electric hoist reducers from our crane factory. This is the first time that the customer purchased crane accessories from our company. The order was placed in the factory on November 2, and the packing photos were sent to the customer on November 8. Then we began to wait for the information of foreign freight forwarders. The order was sent to the United Arab Emirates on November 29, sharing 27 days. The atlas shows some details of the reducer in the factory. If you want to know more about the reducer and the latest price of the 5-ton electric hoist reducer, please contact us.

The function of the reducer
The reducer is a closed gear transmission device with the advantages of high efficiency, long service life, compact structure and large speed ratio. It plays the role of reducing speed and increasing torque in the transmission device.

Its function is to transmit torque and reduce the high speed of the motor to the speed required by each mechanism. The reducer installed on the crane is mostly closed gear transmission, and the gear is installed in a sealed box, which has good lubrication and is not easy to be attacked by dust and various gases. Reducers used on cranes have been serialized. The lifting mechanism of bridge crane mostly adopts JZQ series horizontal two-stage helical cylindrical gear reducer, and the trolley traveling mechanism adopts ZSC series vertical reducer. The bridge crane also adopts ZHQ series circular cylindrical gear reducer, and a few adopt advanced planetary gear reducer and cycloid pinwheel planetary gear reducer. Because of its high efficiency and large transmission ratio, this reducer will be used more and more widely.

5-ton electric hoist reducer sold to the United Arab Emirates in 2021



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Re: 5-ton electric hoist reducer sold to the United Arab Emirates in 2021
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