Lobby is taking forever time to load

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Lobby is taking forever time to load
« on: June 27, 2019, 04:58:01 PM »
I dont know what the hell is happening with this game,so im using two internet the one is my isp using it as wifi and another my mobile internet hotspot,past 2 days my isp is not working properly so i switched to my mobile internet for few days,and yes im getting a good ping in my mobile hotspot of around 100 to 130ms,my isp is having some horrible unstable ping spikes,sometimes ping jumps from 80-2000ms.So whenever i try to play with my mobile internet,the lobby takes 5mins to load even though my speed is 30mbps down and 10mbps up,but when i switched to my isp,it was loading normally(60mbps down 20mbps up),previously everything was working like charm but dont know suddenly this happened.Also i cant able to figure out whats the problem behind this?My all other games are working perfectly in my mobile internet,but this game why?