Entertainment hoist case study: Lithuania in lights

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Entertainment hoist case study: Lithuania in lights
« on: October 09, 2023, 07:13:59 AM »
Stagemaker electric chain hoists from Verlinde now equip the new lighting system of the Keistuoliai Theatre in Lithuania.

The Keistuoliai Theatre is the first independent professional theatre in Lithuania and was opened in 1989 in an old building in the capital Vilnius.

Its artistic creations, known for breaking the boundaries of classical music, literature, theatre and cinema are highly appreciated by a wide audience. After decades of activity, the Keistuoliai Theatre underwent a renovation. Scenos Techninis Servisas (STS), Verlinde’s partner in Lithuania, created a custom-made lighting system for its circular-shaped stage.

STS is the largest provider of technical services for the entertainment, culture and performance sector in Lithuania. For more than 30 years it has been providing standard and non-standard stages and technical equipment for many performances in Lithuania and abroad. Depending on the space and type of event, it designs fully customised sound, lighting, mechanical, stage and video systems. These systems interact not only with each other, but also with other building systems (electrical, fire, etc.). STS also handles project implementation, ranging from installation to staff training.

The lighting system for the circular stage was designed by Darius Malinauskas, the theatre’s lighting designer. STS was responsible for carrying out the project.

“During the renovation process, which lasted more than two years, the Keistuoliai Theatre was given a new lease of life,” explains Julius Gružinskas, head of the STS design department. According to him, the biggest challenge of this project was the hall layout: the single amphitheatre hall and the circular stage required a non-standard lighting system.

Indeed, in order to make the best use of the existing space and to install a versatile lighting system, non-standard stage constructions were required. Aluminium trusses with different curvatures were specially manufactured for this project. No other lighting system of this kind is said to exist in Lithuania.

Today, more than 100 new lights illuminate the renovated stage of the main hall of the Keistuoliai Theatre during performances. The lights are suspended from ten lighting bridges; the front lighting bridges are formed by curved trusses up to 15m long. The entire system is mechanised by 27 Verlinde chain hoists from the Stagemaker range. The range from the French manufacturer is said to be designed and developed specifically for the entertainment industry in compliance with applicable worldwide standard and regulatory requirements and market needs. The electric chain hoists make it easy to adapt the system to different types of shows and to quickly change the lighting.

Verlinde’s Stagemaker range lifts loads from 125kg to 5,000kg. It benefits from, for example, the patented Perfect Push concept, a five-cell lifting nut that is said to contribute to a smoother drive of the lifting chain that provides better guidance to avoid any risk of jamming. The ChainFlux, meanwhile, features a horizontal ejection of the chain that allows the hoist to be used in either an industrial or climbing position.

At the time of the renovation, the theatre acquired a small auditorium. A special frame for the lighting system was designed for the room and built around its perimeter. It allows the lights to be mounted in different ways, and the entire frame is also lifted with Verlinde hoists.

“The success of the Keistuoliai Theatre renovation project is the result of our successful cooperation with our customers and partners,” says Gružinskas. “The end user is pleased with the result. His vision is brought to life thanks to the installer and all the partners who played a role. The chain hoists, manufactured by Verlinde, are the central part of this installation and fulfill their function perfectly.”

“Verlinde is pleased to bring its expertise and high-grade products for the installations carried out by STS. This quality partnership in the cultural and entertainment industry in Lithuania contributes to building our reputation in the world,” adds Jean-Yves Beaussart, international sales and marketing manager for the Stagemaker range.

Entertainment hoist case study: Lithuania in lights